Sunday, August 24, 2008

Village Track

2000's, Personal Work, Vanuatu@arthurfilloy
2000's, Personal Work, Vanuatu@arthurfilloy

A while ago now, we went on a short holiday to the islands of Vanuatu.
The tropical scenery there was so awesome, that I had to try and draw stuff.
The color picture, was an attempt at a bit o' paintin', well at least with photoshop
anyways. The pen drawing, was of the typical local transport. I'd like to color that up one day.


r l n ! said...

my favorite piece so far, since my favorite places are islands, especially of this nature. reminds me of Cooks and Taveuni (Fiji). when you've colored the busload, it would be fun to see the finished product...

Arthur Filloy said...

Hi there rln!,

Glad to see you liked that drawing,
The locals were all partying that day, driving around and cheering, waving flags ect. as they had just lost their big yearly soccer finals.
I think New Zealand won that match, Port Vila lost and the Ni-Vans had a party anyways.

Thanks for dropping by.