Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fantasy Aircraft

Here are a couple of fictitious aircraft I designed for my cartoon aircraft blog called "DRAWN PATROL".
These was done purely for fun.
2008, Brisbane, personal art@arthurfilloy
2008, Brisbane, personal art@arthurfilloy


Bob Camp said...

I love all the airplane stuff (Always did). You have to do something with these.
Hey somebody asked about Lydia so I posted a link to your Blog and website on my blog.

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Bob,

I could easily spend the rest of my life drawing planes. It's one subject I will never get bored with.
Some folk suggest I make a book out of this stuff.
I would also like to produce an animated fake documentary.
Oh, and thanks for posting my links dude.
Lydia somehow manages to re-emerge every so often.


Theodore said...

Found your blog via Bob Camp's blog. Awesome work! Lucky Lydia and Dunderheads are great-- too bad they never got past the pilot stage. I too would love to see the completed shorts.

Nice to have another blog to come to for inspiration. Thanks!

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Theodore,
I hope to get the Lydia short up somewhere for all to view soon.
Thank ya kindly for the encouraging words.

Christian said...

Hey Arthur,
great to see your work here. We met briefly at Film Graphics when I wa working on the CN idents,good times! All the best to you.

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Christian,

How you going these days, watcha up to?
I checked out your blog dude, some nice work there!
Good to see variety of styles.
Hey where you at these days?


Avion Teq said...

Like you, Bob, I always love the airplane stuff, including interior designs, gadgets used while flying and even aircraft maintenance and avionics.

-Aircraft testing @ AvionTEq