Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Well, it all got too hard to try and convert a DVD file to post on this blog, soooooooh,
I've now got a link for both the LUCKY LYDIA trailer and the pilot episode.
Here we go....


Theodore said...

Wonderful! A real cartoonie-cartoon. It's a shame it didn't get greenlit. Thanks for posting!

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Theodore,

I'm glad you liked the short and calling it a "cartoonie- cartoon" is the nicest thing anyone's said so far.

You know, this began life as an 11 minute cartoon but it had to be cut down to 7.5.(can't remember the reason.)
So we ended up having to cut some real funny stuff.

Cheers... Arthur.

Zane Asylum said...

Thanks so much for posting!
I never got to see the pilot episode until now....it was worth the wait.:)

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Zane,

I glad you liked it man, It's scary to think that the Lucky Lydia concept is now ten years old.
We did pitch it to other networks but to no avail.


andrew r said...

Great to see it, Arthur. Maybe it was shortened for CN's big pick weekend? That beehive gag looked promising...

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Andrew,

Gadzooks! You're right, it was up for the the "Big Pic"
Thanks for reminding me dude.
Yeah, the the beehive gag was actually just a throw away gag to complement the bible but Bob and I had a few good hazing gags for this pilot that never made it.

Gav said...

A great concept and pilot.

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey thanks Gav,
very much appreciated.

Cheers.... Arthur.

Brubaker said...

Ah man, I remember seeing this on CN years ago. Good times!

(and I noticed David Denneen's name in the credits; I talked to him once re: a '70s cartoon DePatie-Freleng subcontracted to him once. If I'd have known that his studio worked on this pilot, I would have asked him about it too)

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey Charles,

Glad you were able to see the pilot again.
Yeah, Dave Deneen ran Film Graphics back then and still does now for that matter, sadly though, the animation department went years ago.
Deneen started FG. back in 65, that could have been around the DePatie Freleng time. I started freelancing there in 1979 and dave had just won an academy award for the short film "Leisure".


Gav said...
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